No Oaklands Development on Sandpit Lane


There are better sites within Oaklands for housing development.


Having seen the proposed development plans put forward by Oaklands College and Taylor Wimpey, we believe that there are at least two preferable sites for the proposed housing development to the south of Oaklands on Hatfield Road (see maps page). 
The present proposal is to site the new houses on an undulating site bordering on a busy secondary road. Any new development here will dominate the existing housing, will have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the area and compromise the current green corridor into the city. The single access road on to Sandpit Lane will be inadequate during rush hours. By contrast the areas to the south of Oaklands are flat and do not affect the local existing housing.
These suggested sites are bordered on one side by trees which would separate the new development from the sports fields. The sites are flat and easily accessible by construction traffic - directly from main A-Roads, the A1 and M25. There is likely to be little resistance from local residents as the sites are not overlooking and will not detract from any existing residential areas. For aesthetic appeal some landscaping will be required.
We believe that Oaklands College and Taylor Wimpey should reconsider their plans and examine alternative sites. We believe that the South side of Oaklands is a far more acceptable development site for the following reasons:
The access from either of the two sites on the maps overleaf have excellent access directly onto the A1057 Hatfield Road with it’s frequent bus services. Access on to Hatfield Road also offers easier routes into St Albans station and services, Hatfield, the M25 and the A1. The addition of two mini roundabouts on Hatfield Road would help the residents to exit the new development and improve traffic flow into the industrial developments on the opposite site of Hatfield Road (see maps page). 
Local Schools
Local primary schools to the north of Sandpit Lane are already over-subscribed. By contrast, primary school places are available only 1.7 miles away at Colney Heath JMI and the new primary School, New Briars in Hatfield is just 2.4 miles away.
Local Economy
There is an opportunity to stimulate the local economy with the Oaklands row of shops just 600 yards away. As opposed to the distance from the proposed development to the nearest local shops at Marshalswick - just over three quaters of a mile away.
Developing the housing on the south of Oaklands also offers better access to Morrison’s in Hatfield Road, Tesco in Hatfield and the Colney Fields Shopping Park - M&S and Sainsbury’s.

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